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Phu Quoc Late Harvest Pepper

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Phu Quoc Pepper The Pepper Quest

Phu Quoc Late Harvest Pepper

89 kr
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  • Name: Black Pepper, Svartpeppar, Tieu Den, Piper Nigrum

    Origin: Phu Quoc, Vietnam
    Farmer: Pham Family

    Harvest: July

    Character: Round taste with lovely lingering heat. Perfect to add in the finals steps of a dish. 

    Pair with: Pasta, chicken, sallad, tomato, rosted vegetables, cream, raclette, marinade, chutney, salmon, white fish, meatballs, pepper+salt+lime is a dream combo to any fish or seafood.

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  • It works perfectly in the pepper mill to put a finishing touch or add that taste of freshly crushed pepper to elevate the dish. At times we will use our mortar and gently pound to get larger pieces pepper for certain kinds of recipes when you want to.

  • Phu Quoc pepper is Vietnam's most famous pepper. It grows on an island called Phu Quoc, situated of Vietnam's most southern tip. The soil here is sandy and dry. The weather is hot. And it rains quite a lot. Perfect for pepper cultivation.

    The origin of this pepper is full of mysterious rumors. One tale tells of a Malaysian prince who brought in pepper seedlings from nearby Kampot in Cambodia to find a safe place to grow and secure their place in the ongoing spice war, that took place in the region for many centuries. And certainly it has similarities to Kampot Pepper, which many consider the best in the world.

    Our pepper comes from the Pham family who moved to an abandoned pepper farm on the island in the early 90s. Their pepper is reddish in color because the family waits until it has become fully mature and red before they harvest. This gives a sweeter taste with a unique, lingering white pepper heat. It's a smooth pepper. Round and perfect for the mill to apply once the dish is done, for that final touch.


Phu Quoc pepper caught our eyes and taste buds because of its round, peppery taste and we see it as the perfect all-purpose pepper. We also have a lot of love for the Pham family that share our values and want to work directly with their small family owned plantation and support them in their entrepreneurial adventures.