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Vinh Linh Ginger

This ginger is sourced from our partner farmers in Vinh Linh where it is cultivated in the deep red soil between rows of Vinh Linh black pepper. Maybe we are biased but this ginger is exceptionally pungent and spicy with an incredible aroma that fills your nostrils with a refreshing citrusy smell.

What makes this ginger so special is that we are part of the whole production chain. The fresh, dried and powdered rhizomes are all handled by the same produces. Often ginger powder is made from dry ginger that might be lying around in warehouses for days. Our ginger is powdered directly from hand-picked then gently boiled rhizomes that are left in the sun to dry. This ensures the very top quality of our dried ginger.

Pair with: Coconut, galangal, chili, flower peppers, mushroom, turmeric, black pepper, cinnamon, coriander, nutmeg, lime, rhubarb, and cardamom.

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