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The Quest Chili Oil Pack

Name: The Quest Chili Oil 
Origin: China and Vietnam 

We want to make it easy for you to make one of our absolute favorite condiments - Chili Oil. This is an essential part of many Chinese dishes and can be used on almost anything where you want to add some extra complex heat. It is just the best and we highly recommend you to try it. 


Large batch

This pack is enough to make around 3 batches of chili oil. And believe us when we say when you made it once you will want to keep this as part of your pantry. 

250g Chinese Chili Powder
50g Mixed bag of whole: 
- Star Anise
- Cinnamon
- Black Cardamom 
- Bay Leaf
- Clove
50g mixed bag of whole:
- Fennel Seeds
- Cumin
- QingXi Sichuanpepper
- Ying Yang Green Sichuan Pepper
- Coriander Seeds
- Sesame seeds

+ 3 pieces of cheese cloth to infuse the spices in oil

Single batch includes 1 serving 

85g Chinese Chili Powder
50g mixed spices (same as above)
+ 1 piece of cheese cloth to infuse the spies in oil

The chili powder is already toasted and mixed. The bigger spices can be picked out by hand while you can just use a spoon for the smaller spices depending on how much flavor you want in your oil.

So you essentially just need roast your spices and put aside. Heat up the oil, add some fragrance to the oil with a bundle of spices of your choice and then pour the oil onto to your chili volcano and the oil is done. 

Heat up the oil with the spices to around 110c- 120c. You will know you have the right temperature when the spices start to sizzle slightly. Leave for a while and then take them out. Then add the oil to your chili volcano in 3 different stages. 
You can follow our recipe here. (Please note that your chili powder is already toasted so no need to exceed 160C)

We do encourage you that once you tried this easy way of making your own chili oil you do it the long way - buying the chili whole, toasting them to your preference, de-seeding them and then adding the exact spices you want but this is the perfect start on your chili oil journey.

A note of caution - using a thermometer is the best way to make sure your oil is not too hot. Burned chili is not a good taste. Your chili powder is already toasted so you do not go over 120c when adding the oil to your chili volcano.

We hope you will enjoy and please let us know the result!

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