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Chinese Chili Powder

Name: Chinese Chili Powder
Origin: China
Producer: The Pepper Quest 
Ingredients: ErJingTao chili, Facing Heaven chili, Yidu Chili, Red Lantern Chili, XiaoMiLa Chili, Sea salt
Character: Spicy, fruity, slightly sweet with shades of tomato
Pair with: Sichuan pepper, cumin, star anise, black cardamom, cinnamon, ginger, galangal, bay leaf, fennel, koriander, Chinese chives, green beans, tofu, Sichuanese dishes, use for chili oil

This is our go to Chinese mix when we want a little bit of everything. It has heat, flavor, depth, slight sweetness and loads of fire. The powder is a mix of 5 different chilis leaning heavy on ErJingTao which gives it a perfect fruity foundation to stand on adding tomato tones and fattiness from Red Lantern and Yidu, some depth from Facing Heaven and beautiful heat from XioaMiLa.

We roast the chilis slightly to enhance the flavor profile.

Can be used in many Sichuanese dishes like Mapo Dofu, dry fried green beans and twice cooked pork. This is also our go to mix when making Chili Oil.

Perfect if you don't want the hassle of roasting and mixing your own for the chili oil process.

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