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Spice blends with Videgård/Alversjö

Videgård/Alversjö x
The Pepper Quest 


We are so very happy and honored to present this collaboration with our good friends Erik Videgård and Jenny Alversjö, the duo behind the brilliant podcast 45min AV.

With culinary master Eriks fine tuned tastebud, Jennys flair for what actually counts as good food and Elsa & Adrians dedication to sourcing the very best single origin products we are the perfect combo to bring you these flavorful taste bombs.

In this limited edition of our collaboration you will get the following three spice blends together with recipes by Erik Videgård.

- Taco Spice
- Coq Au Vin
- Boeuf Bourguignon

The spice blends and recipes are for four people. 
All three have vegetarian options.

Since this is our first batch our hope is to engage you all in the making of the next ones. We welcome you our community to share your thoughts and experiences with us so that we together can create something truly unique and easy for your kitchen pantries.

Good luck over your pots and pans and keep on experimenting with the blends in other dishes too. Why not try the Taco for a savory Texas Chili or the Coq Au Vin with some fried potatoes. 

Last send-out is on the 21/12 at 12.00, so order you spice blends now to get the before the holidays! 

VAT included in the price.
Additional shipping cost at checkout. 


Jenny and Erik are quite impressive to say the least. When you walk into a conversation with them you know you are among greats. Humble, funny, dedicated with that look in the eye that shines of life. 

Jenny is a TV host, food lover and many years in the journalist field.

Erik is one of Sweden's top chefs with a bunch of notable restaurants in his resume and In many ways he introduced the Asian cuisines to Sweden. Erik is one of the founders of the Swedish Sommelier Association, has won the Swedish Championships for sommelier and competed in the European Championships and World Championships. 

For us at The Pepper Quest this was quite a challenge that took us out of our comfort zone. When we decided to do blends for classic European dishes that we have eaten but barley cooked and spices that we love but have not even thought about sourcing we quickly sprung into action.

We activated our growing spice network and are no happy to be working with Gandolfo and The Culasci family on Sicily for many of the herbs and salt as well as Jose Luis who had just finished producing an amazing smoked paprika out of Northern Spain that features in the blends. The rest are on the way but since we are dedicated to get to know and find the very best partners it, as always, takes time. 

Get more inspired by Erik and Jenny´s work on 

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