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Mekong Sesame Seeds

89 kr
Mekong Sesame Seeds

Mekong Sesame Seeds

89 kr
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  • Name: Sesame Seeds, Sesamfrön, Quế Trà My, Sesamum Indicum
    Origin: Mekong Delta, Vietnam
    Partner: Lien
    Harvest: August - September
    Character: Mild, Nutty, Smooth
    Size: 88g
    Pair with: Vanilla, tamarind, paprika, honey, chili, Batak pepper, koriander, chili oil.

    These sesame seeds are grown in rice paddies in the Mekong delta where farmers use them as a rotation crop in between rice harvests to create more livelihood in the "off season". They have a beautiful mild, fresh nutty flavor that can easily be turned more musky by toasting them. 
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  • Most of the time seeds are used to create the sesame oil we all love so much whereas Tahini and Zhi Za Jiang are sesamepaste used from ground sesame seeds in the middle east and China. The culinary use of the seeds themselves pop up in a variety of ways all over the world. They are important elements in spice blends like Zatar, Dukka and Gomashio. 

    Fresh the taste of the seeds are mild and works very well in salads and smoothies. If toasted at tempratures above 130c form new compounds with nutty and umami like flavors.

    We enjoy the with fat fishes like mackrell, salmon and tuna or with dry fried sichuan style green beans. Also a heavy favorite with tofu. 

  • Sesame seeds grow in small green bean like looking fruits of tall stems and belong to the tropical plant family pedalium. It is an annual plant where stalks are cut just before the seeds capsules are fully ripe and then dried. It is a labour intense spice, as the stalks are then shaken to release the seeds before sorted to separate the seeds from the debris. Sesame originates either from Ethiopia or India and the cultivation goes way back to the ancient civilizations of Babylon and Assyria with seed remains even been found in the tomb of Tutankhamun.