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Limited edition pack from Ukhrul, India

We have entered a very exciting new partnership with the amazing Zeinorin & Leiyolan who, through their company Hill Wild, are supporting farmers and food artisans in the farthest corner of Northeastern India.

The couple ventured into the food sector in the winter of 2017 after seeing the huge potential of the produce cultivated and gathered in their home region of Ukhrul. They are aligned with our values and deeply ingrained in the community they operate in.

Much of the produce is unique to the region with heirloom varieties of sumac, chili, hibiscus and other interesting flavors that we will be exploring throughout the harvest year.

The Naga living in the area are some of the countries most marginalized ethnic groups most of them living on small scale agriculture. Hill Wild are supporting farmers by including and giving them an international market to sell their products on.

Sometime in June their products will be up on the web shop but until then we have put together an early bird package, special for our community, if you want to indulge in these wonderful flavors already now.

Limited edition includes:

Ukhrul Sumac 40g
An unique sumac gathered wild in the hills of Ukhrul. Sour, tangy, sweet. Incredible!

Naga Hills Hibiscus 25g
An indigenous flower that can be made into a tasty, red colored tea.

Sirarakhong Chili powder 25g
An heirloom chili native to the small village of Sirarakhong. Chillies are harvested, sun dried and heat smoked before powdering. Medium strong with a rich, smoky flavor.

Ginger 50g
A pungent and fresh tasting ginger wonderful to layer in with fresh ginger, in broth, baking, in tea.

Turmeric 50g
Turmeric is one of the regions most important and used spices. Potent and perfect for curries!

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