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Mexico spice package - Limited edition

699 kr
Mexico spice package - Limited edition

Mexico spice package - Limited edition

699 kr
Curious about the Mexican cuisine? Then this package is perfect for you! Take your salsas, tacos, stews, soups, marinades, desserts, spice rubs, guacamole, enchiladas, nachos to new heights.
The pack is filled with flavors that will make it a delight to cook all summer long. And a bunch of Mexican vanilla!!!! The original - earthy, spicy, rich in aroma cultivated since the days of the Aztec. 

The 4 main chilis - Ancho, Mulato, Pasilla, Guajillo - are sourced from our new partner Oman and his families farm in Calera, Zacatecas. Located on the Mexican plateau on the fringes of the Sierra Madre Occidental mountain range it offers the perfect climate for growing poblano, mirasol and chilaca chilis that in turn, in dry form, become these chili varieties that a lot of the Mexican food culture is built around. The dry, arid weather gives the annual plants enough heat to germinate seeds, sprout the first growth and just start to bloom before the warm rainy season sets in followed by months of sun before harvest. 

The vanilla, cacao, annatto seeds and all spice are sourced by Laura, a new acquaintance that we met in Mexico. It was a delight to meet her and start our inquires into some of Mexicos most beloved products of vanilla and cacao. She really burns with passion for these authentic Mexican tastes. Vanillas origin has its roots in the hills of Mexico and here the best "vanillalistas" (the original cultivators of vanilla) are in high demand and only talk to a chosen few. 
Laura has been working closely together with one of these farms and provided us with some Vanilla from 2020 years harvest. She also works closely with small family farms who dedicate their life to the craft of cacao. 

The other chilis and spices are sourced by Omar and is a work in progress as we immerse ourselves into this new quest.
All products are sourced 2020. 

Only 25 packages available

The package includes:

  • Mulato  89g
  • Ancho   89g
  • Pasillia  89g
  • Guajillo   89g
  • Pequin  50g
  • Cascabel 20g
  • Catarina 20g
  • Arbol  50g
  • Chipotle Smoked 20g


  • Mexican Vanilla 20g (5 pods)
  • Mexican Cumin 20g
  • Mexican Anise 20g
  • Cacao nibs 20g
  • Cacao butter 20g
  • Cacao beans 20g
  • Hibiscus Flower 40g
  • Mexican oregano 20g
  • Annatto Seeds 30g
  • Allspice 10g
  • Tamarindo Whole 50g

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