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Back from Mexico adventures!

Back from Mexico adventures!

What a trip! I just now got back from an incredible journey in Mexico where I have been sourcing a wide range of phenomenal products that we at The Pepper Quest hope to share with all of you in the near future. Mexico is really a special country and to do its endless array of ingredients and dishes any justice one would probably need to commit a whole lifetime just coming back again and again. With all the respect towards this seemingly reachless enterprise, we believe that we have already succeeded in locating a couple of valuable connections that have the potential of supplying the Scandinavian market with what is really good.

Naturally, our focus has primarily been directed at the spice trade and of course one of the most central cultural aspects of Mexico - the chile pepper - but many other goodies of interest have crossed my travelling ways as well. I have been meeting with vanilla dealers, people trading with dried herbs and I even stumbled upon some beautiful Mexican kitchenware that will be the ideal companions for any serious taco home cook out there. This spring I will keep you posted about all of this here on the blog and eventually we will present our new additions to our growing spice catalogue. Until next time!



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