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The Quest goes to Mexico!

The Quest goes to Mexico!
The Quest goes west to the beautiful culinary wonder of Mexico.

The coming days Hannes from @amanwalkedintoabar will take over our Instagram as he explores the many sides of Mexican food and spice.

Our aim is to find a couple of partner farms to directly source spices from that will be available in the coming months wholesale for B2B and on our web shop.

Stay tuned!

Chengdu Taste - America’s best Sichuan restaurant?

Chengdu Taste - America’s best Sichuan restaurant?
At least the late legend of food writing Jonathan Gould once described it as such which is reason enough for the Quest to pay it a visit while laying its hat in the city of LA for a couple of days. Located in the community of Alhambra in San Gabriel Valley, it is a bit of a drive but since that counts for pretty much every place in this endless abyss of automobiles, there is no reason to hesitate the trip.

Wanted! Legendary noodle vendor!

Sichuan The Pepper Quest
Are you in need of a job? Are you looking at changing career paths? Do you live in the 19th century and do you per chance own a bamboo pole and two baskets? If so, you can entrepreneur your way out of your random existence and become one of the pivotal street food heroes of Chengdu, who hundred years ago instigated and institutionalised one of the most satisfying and beloved munch cravings ever known to this world; the Dan Dan Noodles.