Sichuan Update: So who are with us on this quest?

Sichuan Update: So who are with us on this quest?

Learn more about the team thats with us on this Quest, eating and learning our way through the Sichuan province!

Well with us on this journey we have The Pepper Quest consisting of Adrian & Elsa (nowadays husband and wife!!). Life is moving along fast with Elsa jumping on a new half time job at Ungt Ledarskap, an organisation dedicated to young leadership, and Adrian joining some different kitchens to plate of the people. All to make ends meet while the quest never sleeps!

The Pepper Quest

We have the wonderful Mymlan, owner of Surfers restaurant in Stockholm and Visby and life philosopher. She has dedicated her last 13 years to the Sichuanese cuisine and the family she has created surrounding her restaurants. We are happy to have her along for her love of food, taste and those little things that no one else sees. Check out Surfers here and follow their inspiring journey

We have the multitalented Hannes, who Adrian has known since celebrating the millennial where they shared beer on a mountaintop in Nepal awaiting the doom of 2000. Hannes has a background within history, journalism and just loves food and beverage. Check out his amazing project A Man Walked Into A Bar where he immerses himself into interesting bars and cultures. A goal to visit a thousand bars is truly a journey you don't want to miss. Check out his instagram for his latests adventures.

And we have the curious and Josefine who is joining on her very first quest into the unknown with a bunch of people she hardly knows but will probably be the one who in the end will lead us all into safety and keep the group together. She is a graduated from Hyper Islands and has a cunning eye for everything visual, She has lately been a part of What Took You So Long crew and we are so glad to have her join us and documenting the quest. 

Well, as you see we have a dream team with us on this Quest!!

The Pepper Quest Team