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Sichuan update: So what are we actually looking for?

Sichuan update: So what are we actually looking for?

Well, a lot of things really. But first of all - Sichuan Pepper.

And like we have mentioned before not just any Sichuan Pepper, but the historical Hua Jiao of QIngXi. We will talk about this place more when we get there but it is just something out of the ordinary. Generation after generation has cultivated Sichuan pepper here on a small mountain top with an ancient portal that leads all the way to The Bay of Bengal. And that is just the beginning… Other products that we are curious about and looking for is the green Sichuan pepper that has a very different taste and usage as well as Sichuan pepper oil.

We are also questing for vinegars, broths, soy, bonemarrow sauces, rabbit head chili mixes, noodles, fermented soybeans, hot pot mixes, baiju, aged tofu and of course the special chilis they have here that give a very distinct heat to the food.

As you can hear there is quite a lot of stuff and we are eager to learn more. Exciting times! We will try and won’t stop until we have at least secured a stable Sichuan pepper supply that we can be proud of. Recipes, cooking methods and perhaps some cooking equipment will also be on our radar and be a crucial part of this learning journey. All so that we together can enjoy the culinary wonders of Sichuan at home.

Never Stop Questin!

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