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The Burmese Gimlet enters Malmö!

The Burmese Gimlet enters Malmö!

What was once only a remedy to encourage gin-craving sailors during the 19th century to consume their rations of scurvy-preventing lime juice, has now become the perfect way of using our Burmese flower pepper in the bar. The classic cocktail Gimlet, which is traditionally only a plain marriage between gin and Rose’s lime juice, has taken a fresh twist at the always packed and popular Restaurant Bastard in Malmö. Tart and tasty, it will be on their innovative cocktail menu all throughout the fall but it can also easily be made at home!
4 cl Burmese flower pepper-spiced light rum 
1,5 cl Falernum
3 cl limejuice
1 cl simple sugar syrup
1 lime wheel
How to make the Burmese Gimlet: 
Spice up a bottle of light rum with a couple of Burmese flower pepper corns and let it sit for at least one day.
Add all ingredients into a shaker with ice and shake.
Strain into a small frozen rocks glass.
Garnish with a lime wheel.


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