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Vinh Linh Black PepperVinh Linh Black Pepper
Vinh Linh Black Pepper
Sale priceFrom 49 kr
Phu Quoc Late Harvest PepperPhu Quoc Late Harvest Pepper
Phu Quoc Late Harvest Pepper
Sale priceFrom 59 kr
Quảng Nam CinnamonQuảng Nam Cinnamon
Quảng Nam Cinnamon
Sale priceFrom 49 kr
Phu Quoc Chili SaltPhu Quoc Chili Salt
Phu Quoc Chili Salt
Sale priceFrom 59 kr
Phu Quoc Pepper SaltPhu Quoc Pepper Salt
Phu Quoc Pepper Salt
Sale priceFrom 59 kr
Fan Si Pan Black CardamomFan Si Pan Black Cardamom
Fan Si Pan Black Cardamom
Sale priceFrom 49 kr
Quảng Nam Coriander SeedsQuảng Nam Coriander Seeds
Quảng Nam Coriander Seeds
Sale priceFrom 39 kr
Vinh Linh GingerVinh Linh Ginger
Vinh Linh Ginger
Sale priceFrom 39 kr
Star AniseStar Anise
Star Anise
Sale priceFrom 29 kr
Vinh Linh TurmericVinh Linh Turmeric
Vinh Linh Turmeric
Sale priceFrom 39 kr
Quang Tri Greater GalangalQuang Tri Greater Galangal
Quang Tri Greater Galangal
Sale priceFrom 39 kr
Flavors of Phu QuocFlavors of Phu Quoc
Flavors of Phu Quoc
Sale price159 kr
Quảng Nam Cinnamon - WholeQuảng Nam Cinnamon - Whole
Quảng Nam Cinnamon - Whole
Sale priceFrom 59 kr
The Quest

We love to cook. We love to eat. We love gathering around a meal. For us ingredients are essential. Spices are essential. Flavor is essential. So how come some of our food still lacked that final dazzle?

This question has taken us to the very essence of flavor itself. To the source of all of those ingredients and spices we use everyday. It was here we found the answer. 

Flavor begins in the incredible melting pot of botany, traditions, history and geography. Flavor is of the land and from the people who cultivate it. It is the devotion to tend, harvest and ennoble a living organism. All the way from nurture to drying to exporting to packaging. From here the rest is up to us, the culinarians.

The Pepper Quest is our way to respect and share one of nature's greatest gifts - flavor.

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