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Quang Tri Greater Galangal

Name: Greater Galangal, Galanga, Một loại gừng, Alpinia officinarum 
Origin: Quang Tri, Vietnam
Partner: Lien 
Harvest: Feb 2021
Character: Sharp, mustard, peppery, eucalyptus, pine
Pair with: Sour and spicy tastes. Tamarind, Batak pepper, lime, coconut, ginger, chili, lemongrass.

Our Galangal is the variety greater galangal. It is sourced from semi wild plantations in sand dune forests on the coastline of central Vietnam in the region of Quang Tri. The regions warm and windy climate creates a very hardy plant with a special piney, spicy taste.

We make sure our partners hand pick roots that are 2-3 years old as the rhizome becomes more complex the longer kept in the ground. After this the rhizomes are gently boiled then dried in the sun before turned it into powder. That way we are part of the whole production chain and can ensure absolute quality and freshness. 

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Dried galangal has quite a different taste from fresh galangal and they compliment each other extremely well. The dried spice gives a rather sharp full mouth experience and adds peppery depth to the more sweet, minty eucalyptus character of the fresh rhizome. It goes well in spicy and sour dishes with seafood, chicken, and fish as well as pork. Also a winner in small doses in salad dressing and chili sauces.

We love to use it when we make curries or coconut based dishes and pait it often with Batak pepper, tamarind, lime, lemongrass. When we make our chicken pho it gives a wonderful new flavor profile to the dish. It goes very well with fish sauce and horseradish. Add is to smoothies, golden milk or medicinal teas.


Galangal is in the family of Zingiberaceae, that includes ginger, cardamum and turmeric. There are 4 main varieties of galangal – Greater galangal, lesser galangal, Chinese ginger and sand ginger. All of them are used in Southern and Southeast Asia in cooking, broths and as traditional medicine.

The plant can grow up to 2 meters with long green leaves and reddish white flowers. The underground shoots of the plant are known as rhizomes and have a peppery, sweet, spicy flavor and strong aroma. Galangal was once widely used in ancient and medieval Europe.

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