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Sichuan glaze for your Holiday ribs

Sichuan glaze for your Holiday ribs

On the 23rd of December each year Elsas family always makes ribs. Both for the evening dinner and for the Christmas buffet the day after.

We like to boil and bake large, fatty ribs with loads of Christmas spices until the meat falls of the bone. The last couple of years we have been introducing new flavors to our ribs which has become a new popular tradition everybody is eager to gobble up.

We recommend going full on Sichuan with Sichuan pepper, chili, orange and honey glaze!

Here is our recipe for the Sichuan glaze: 


  • Sichuan pepper
  • Star Anise
  • Cloves
  • Whole cinnamon
  • Bay Leaf
  • ErJingTao
  • Fennelseeds

  • 3-4 dl of the stock you boiled the ribs in (Or beef broth)
  • Peel from 1 orange
  • Juice from 1 orange
  • A piece of smashed ginger or ginger powder
  • Honey
  • Salt

How to:

1. Add stock to a thick bottomed pot and put on the heat.

2. Roast spices in a pan and add to the stock. Crank up the heat.

3. Add peel of orange and ginger to stock. Bring to boil and let it reduce.

4. Add juice of orange and honey. Reduce further on medium heat until it turns into a glaze. Taste to see if salt is needed.

5. Coat boiled ribs and pop in the oven at 200c 

6. Continue to coat until you get that holiday feeling.


This year we will be borrowing taste palettes from Mexico with spices like ancho, guajillo, cacao, hibiscus and tamarind.

Will update you on the result!

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