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Quest the spices
New harvest
Polwaththa Curry BlendPolwaththa Curry Blend
Polwaththa Curry Blend
Sale price59 kr
Knuckles Mountain CardamomKnuckles Mountain Cardamom
Sri Lankan CinnamonSri Lankan Cinnamon
Sri Lankan Cinnamon
Sale priceFrom 59 kr
Kandy Black PepperKandy Black Pepper
Kandy Black Pepper
Sale price59 kr
Sale price39 kr
Kandy GingerKandy Ginger
Kandy Ginger
Sale price59 kr
Sri Lankan Cinnamon - WholeSri Lankan Cinnamon - Whole
Sri Lankan Cinnamon - Whole
Sale priceFrom 59 kr
Kandy Forest Gardens
Sale price49 kr

The Perfect Christmas Gift

Give your loved one a whole new set of culinary wonders so they can create new magic (for you) in the kitchen.


Finding the source gives the opportunity to know who actually picks the spices we sell, where they grow and how they are cultivated.


Our spices are seleceted from small farmer communities or single estates to ensure quality, relations and preserving heirloom varieties.


The devotion and knowledge of our stakeholders is the key
ingredient in what we do. Our coordinators, partner farmers, and you, our customers.


Respectful, proper methods of harvest and preparing spices directly after harvest season, is vital for taste, aroma and freshness.

Gift sets
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Mulling spices
Mulling spices
Sale price239 kr
Symphony Spices
Flowerpepper CollectionFlowerpepper Collection
Flowerpepper Collection
Sale price239 kr
Make your own!
The Quest Chili Oil PackThe Quest Chili Oil Pack
The Quest Chili Oil Pack
Sale priceFrom 169 kr
A perfect start
The Starter CollectionThe Starter Collection
The Starter Collection
Sale price599 kr
Perfect start!
Spicy Gift Card
Spicy Gift Card
Sale priceFrom 250 kr
Flavors of Phu Quoc
Sale price159 kr
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The Pepper Quest

We love to cook. We love to eat. We love gathering around a meal. For us ingredients are essential. Spices are essential. Flavor is essential. So how come some of our food still lacked that final dazzle?

This question has taken us on a journey to the very essence of flavor itself. To the source of all of those ingredients and spices we use everyday. And it was on this quest we discovered the answer. 

Flavor comes alive through the sizzling melting pot of cooking, botany, traditions, history and geography. Flavor is of the land and from people who have dedicated their life to cultivation. The devotion to tend, harvest and ennoble a living organism. From nurture to harvest to drying to packaging. From here the rest is up to us, the culinarians.

The Pepper Quest is our way to pay homage and share one of nature's greatest gifts; flavor.


Just tasted your spices and WOW! I felt like the food critic in the end scene of Ratatouille. Like being transported to another world. Thank you!

// First time quester


Follow our learning journey to find single origin spices around world