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Sourcing is the single most important element when working with pepper and spice. And this is what The Pepper Quest does best. We are bringing single origin, unique quality pepper into your mouth while enabling small scale famers to become their own social enterprises.

Pepper & Taste Workshop

We will customize a culinary evening for you and your group, experiencing in depth the many flavours of pepper and spices we have come across during the quest.

Together we will taste, cook and explore unique food cultures and flavour combinations that will become new favourites in your own kitchen.

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Pepper Mortars
  • The Quest

    In 2014 we immersed on a learning journey to find the world's best pepper! We discovered that this spice is a whole universe of traditions, varieties and colors. Green, red, black, yellow, white, brown, purple. Long, really long, comet tailed, late harvest, flower peppers, berries, grains.

    The type of soil, amount of sun, rain and vicinity to the ocean effects the flavors. The taste changes from valley to valley, region to region.  Hot, tingeling, intense, lingering, exploding, mature, chocolaty, fruity. The aromas, sensations and experiences are thrilling.

    It is time that we shared it all with you!

    The Pepper Quest Batak Pepper Andaliman
  • The Pepper

    We bring the best tasting unique pepper in the world into your mouth and onto your dishes. We believe that in order to fully enjoy pepper it must be of the highest quality meaning; handpicked, sun dried, hand sorted, sourced and packed from someone that we know.

    Every bite of pepper should welcome you to a culinary journey that brings you to the origin, to the hands that nourished the plant, the fingers that picked the fruit and back to your awakened taste buds.

    The Pepper Quest Long Pepper Sichuan Pepper
  • The Process

    First we find regions with unique tastes, growing methods and culinary traditions that sets our passion for flavor ablaze. Then we look for partners, farmers and communities that share our values and a willingness to co-create. We always work inclusive and with long term commitments.

    After that starts all the hard and interesting work of actually getting a high quality product to the other side of the world while supporting organic farming, biodiversity and positive development.

In focus

Meet QingXi Tribute Sichuan Pepper

QingXi Tribute Sichuan Pepper The Pepper Quest
  • Character

    Uniquely flowery, electric, citrus that runs through your mouth, vibrating your receptors, binding together flavors in one great symphony.

  • Farmer

    This Sichuan Pepper is grown by the Li Family in the Han Yuan Valley at around 3000 meter above sea level. The village of QingXi is one of the old, mysterious gateways to the ancient tea horse road. The ancient tea horse road was once a vast networks of treacherous and rough trade routes stretching from central China all the way to the bay of Bengal and beyond.

  • Cultivation

    QingXi is actually one of the first recorded places of Sichuan Pepper plantations and legends says it was here cultivation first took place. For more than 800 years the village sent Sichuan Pepper as a tribute to the imperial courts of China because of the superior taste, aroma and color.

  • Eat

    Legends talk of over 6000 traditional dishes created from 23 fixed flavors and 58 different cooking methods. And at the core of it all, Ma La, the link up of hot and numbing, when chili marries Sichuan Pepper. When cooking with Sichuan Pepper it is about finding a symphony between all these flavors and cooking methods.

Batak Pepper Andaliman

Where does pepper grow?

Experience the journey to the pepper fields.
Follow Rosna into her Andaliman orchard deep in the forest on top of Samosir in Northern Sumatra.