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Quảng Nam Coriander Seeds

Name: Coriander seeds, Korianderfrön, Ngò Ta, Coriandrum Sativum
Origin: Quảng Nam, Vietnam
Partner: Lien
Harvest: Nov 2020
Character: Citrus, green, floral, earthy
Pair with: Cumin, cinnamon, mustard, citrus, ginger, anise, black pepper, chili, cardamum, flower peppers.

These Coriander seeds have such a floral, citrusy flavor with hints of orange peel. They are sourced from the region of Quảng Nam where changing seasons, wind and heavy rainfall make for the perfect climate to grow these large seeds from the variety Vulgare. 

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Many spice blends in the Middle East and southern Asia begin with a savory base of ground coriander. From there it is easy to add bright flavors such as clove, lemongrass, ginger, citrus, flower peppers, cardamum, cinnamon or go savory with mustard, anise, cumin, pepper och chilis. In India it is a must in lentil stews.

Since the seeds most flavorful oils lie deep inside hey can be left untoasted or toasted. If toasted the seeds develop a spicy, nutty, earthy taste. If untoasted the citrusy, floral, herb flavor dominates. Release the flavors by gently smashing open och grinding the seeds. Sifting the ground spice will favorably isolate the outer husk and leave a fine powder for spice mixes and stirfries.

We enjoy pickling cucumber and carrots with it. And it is a must in the Phó broth we make. Also in many of the spice blends we make. Add to veggies in the oven or cabbage stir fries.

One of our favorites is toasting coriander seeds with Batak pepper, lemon and salt creating a crunch snack or add on in pumpkin soups.

Coriander seeds is one of those incognito champions of the spice world. Its adaptable flavor with that warm, slightly bittersweet taste of citrus peels, is the undertone in everything from curries, broths, liquor and pickles. The complexity of coriander seeds profile makes it perfect for pairing with a wide variety of other spices and dishes.


Coriander is a hardy herbaceous annual plant with two main cultivated varieties – European microcarpum and Indian vulgare. The plant develops a small canopy of white pinkish flowers that turn into fruits after about 3 months.

Each fruit matures in 3-5 mm pods with 2 seeds inside. It originates from Southern Europe and Asia and evidence from 8,000 year old cave findings in Israel suggest that it has been an important spice for millennia.



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