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Bay Leaf

Name: Bay Leaf
Origin: China
Partner: Denis
Harvest: Autumn 2020
Character: Minty, Piney, bitter with a hint of black pepper
Pair with: Black pepper, sage, paprika, potatoes, ginger, fennel, basil, allspice, orange, oregano, parsley, pork, beef, rosemary, soups, broths, stews

Bay leaves have a quite unique incomparable flavor that has been a favourite in Mediterranean and Asian cooking since ancient times. This can be seen in the bay leaf crown that Cesar wears or the fact that in the first roman cookbook bay leaf is scribbled down as an essential part of the pantry.
These Chinese bay leaves have a minty, piney, bitter citrus flavor with notes of cinnamon and black pepper. The slight bitterness works well in meat stews or heavy sauces.

Bay leaves often play a supporting yet integral part in soups, stews and slow cooked food when the herbs aromatic and distinct flavor get time to really work its subtle magic. Use in pickles, spice mixes or when cooking rice to make it into one of the key ingredients.

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