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Star Anise

Name: Star Anise, Stjärnanis
Origin: Lang Son, Vietnam
Partner: Lien
Harvest: Two harvests - Winter and summer. Selling now Jan 2021
Character: Licorice, sweet, smokey
Pair with: Beef, duck, orange, blackberry, fennel, chili, black cardamum, stews. pork, glögg, chai, biriyani, ginger, galangal, black pepper.
Lang Son star anise is a potent, warm, sweet, licorice like spice sourced from the beautiful, fertile mountain ridges of Northern Vietnam, just on the border with China.

The small evergreen tree is native to the area and has been harvested here for centuries. It is used in many traditional dishes and a major component in making pho, the famous Vietnamese noodle soup.

Star Anise is a major ingredient in many asian cuisines from five spice powders, to biriyanis and masala chais. It has also found its way into liquors and mulled wines such as Glögg.

This is the winter harvest where smaller, but highly potent, star shaped fruits are first dried a couple of hours over a wood fire before sun dried, adding a smokier and more intense flavor. We absolutely love them in dishes with meat such as beef stews and duck. It really enhances the flavors. 

This star anise is very potent so use less than you think. Starting with one pod or a couple of pedals from the pod. 

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