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Sichuan, the most highly elevated cuisine in the world?

Sichuan, the most highly elevated cuisine in the world?

Well, we are tempted to proclaim it as such and this is also the main reason why we love to do business in Sichuan! Beside the amazing produce, the never ending array of fascinating recipes and techniques, Sichuan never stops to surprise its visitors with its remarkable standards and vast knowledge about food.

Sichuan Food

Just roll into a random small transit town in the middle of nowhere - just like we did after driving home from meeting our Sichuan pepper producers in the remote village of Qingxi - and immerse yourself in the local selection of modest eateries that are lined up along the road. It might possibly be the lunch of a lifetime! Steamed crabs, delicious clams in black bean paste, Gong Bao Chicken and chopped up pieces of succulent duck. It is really an eye-opening lesson in gastronomic class and finesse, all served up confident and quickly as the most obvious thing in the world.


Sichuan Food

We at The Pepper Quest dear to pose the question; where in the world does one eat this good? Which places can really boast such consistent quality and sophistication around food? Italy? France? Perhaps Mexico or Japan? They are all great culinary destinations and we will diplomatically pass any rash conclusions of comparison but being both sincere and a bit pleased, we would like to propose that the regional cuisine of Sichuan is probably the least celebrated and well-known of them all!

Sichuan Food


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