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Hello from our Pepper Sister Lout Pham!

Hello from our Pepper Sister Lout Pham!

Hello everybody,

My name is Luot, I’m staying in Phu Quoc island, I live where the place people cultivate the pepper vines and you know, Phu Quoc. Pepper is the most famous peppercorns in Vietnam. My family also cultivate the pepper for 20 years, it’s from the beginning time. We start staying in Phu Quoc island to right now. My parents bring-up us by their hard-working at pepper farm every day.

                        Old vines at the Pham Familys' Garden.

I feel pridefulness about my parents job. When we finished the school, we came back Phu Quoc island to continue my parents business and opening the pepper shop in area our farm. There, we met and talked with the tourist from around the world . Thanks to their sharing experience about how to introduction about the products and they recommended about our farm to their families and friends, we are more successful in business.

Phu Quoc Late Harvest Pepper drying in the sun

Thanks for your time reading my sharing emotion about our family farm. I hope all having a wonderful time with your family and friends belong together forever.

If you travel in Phu Quoc island, don’t forget visiting our farm, you are very welcome!


Read more about Louts family's farm and the Phu Qouc Late Harvest Pepper here. 


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