Welcome fellow questers - Lets do this!

Welcome fellow questers - Lets do this!

2019 and beyond!


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So happy and humbled that you are actually here. On our new website!

April 2019. 4 years into the quest and a lot of things are actually falling into place. The frame of the puzzle is almost set and ready to made into the most awesome of landscapes. And you all are a big part of it! We are really looking forward to this year as great steps are being taken on all fronts.

First of all The Pepper Quest will finally land in a brand that is us. We are making a logo, new packaging, new font, new colors. It is all coming together, into one united direction. Super exciting!

We have the launch of our webshop where you can now easily can acquire your favorite pepper, as well as pepper subscriptions, newsletter, blogs and much more!

The first version of the amazing sauce Batak Attak ready for the world. This is one of the greatest tasting things we have ever created. We are standing on the shoulders of the Batak community on this one, making a pepper sauce that will blow your mind. It will soon be available on the webshop and in restaurants around Sweden.

We are developing a really unique sensory pepper workshop that will push the boundaries of pepper tasting and really give our peppers the attention they deserve.  

We love to share our pepper and meet other taste nerds so we got some big and small collabs in the making. Make sure to keep updated and support the revolution!

Looking into the potential of a YouTube channel where we share recipes, food inspiration and quests. We shall see where thai takes us.

And in september we are heading on another Pepper Quest over to our farmers for some harvesting, product development and new pepper acquaintances. So much looking forward to that.  

Never stop questin,

Adrian & Elsa