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This is us!

This is us!

We quest for unique high quality pepper and spices. We work harvest based and single origin only, meaning we only sell pepper from farmers we know.

We love food, we love discovery, people, meetings, flavors. Curiosity, openness and intuition is what leads us to the right path. We want to experience, learn and understand before we can spread knowledge and collaborate.

We aim for co-existence between us, the farmers, our planet and our customers.

We love that this is a rediscovery of something very known to us all, yet has the possibility to teach us something completely new. We love what food brings to the table. All the traditions, the ceremonies, the bridging of cultures and the world. 


There are so many occasion where we have smelled and tasted a spice knowing that there are many more lines of inquiry before reaching the actual origin of the spice and the people who are cultivating it. Our way of working is special because we actually go to the farmers and we don't stop questing until we found the best of the best.

In many ways finding the source, is finding the answer.

Never stop questin!



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