Sign up to our pepper subscription and start your own quest into
the culinary wonder of pepper. 

The subscription contains 5 packages of different high quality peppers from the hands of our farmers, delivered directly through your letter slot into your kitchen. The pepper will arrive over a 3 month period. The packages will include pepper, the story of, meeting the farmers, recipes and inspiration on how to use the pepper.

The wonderful pepper you will get to know:
- Vinh Linh Black Pepper
- Phu Quoc Late Harvest Pepper 
- Red Sumatran Long Pepper 
- Samosir Batak Pepper
- Qingxi Tribute Sichuan Pepper

Our Pepper subscription cost 649 sek. This is a one time payment that does not auto-subscribe you to other packages. The price includes all postal fees inside Sweden. At this moment we only ship within Scandinavia.

Follow the link below to learn more!