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Vinh Linh Black Pepper

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Vinh Linh Black Pepper

Vinh Linh Black Pepper

67 kr 89 kr saving 22 kr
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  • Name: Black Pepper, Svartpeppar, Tieu, Piper Nigrum

    Origin: Vinh Linh, Quang Tri, Vietnam

    Farmer: Mr Nguyen

    Harvest: July

    Character: Explosive, burning heat with loads of black pepper taste. Sweet, aromatic, acidic tones of cocoa beans and dark berries.

    Pair with: Kale, meatballs, strawberry, bread, stews, pasta, olive oil, rosemary, thyme, mashed potato, soups, stocks, carrots, broccoli, coating meat, hamburger, borscht, salad, dressing, balsamic vinegar, pasta, tomato sauce, pickled cucumber, spruce, game, mushrooms sauce, basil, parmesan, cream, pumpkin, potato, lamb, sun-dried tomato, brussel sprouts, snaps, beef, mint.

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  • Apply you pepper in different stages when you cook as the flavor vary depending on how it is brought into a dish. We like to apply it a bit during and especially at the end of cooking or when the dish is finished. Also toasting you peppercorns or even smoking them can evoke some real interesting tastes.

    To ensure best flavor always use whole peppercorn, freshly ground. Piperine, the alkaloid responsible for black pepper’s sharp taste, appears to be responsible for some of its reputed health benefits. Vinh Linh Black Pepper has high quantity of piperine. Some of these medicinal attributes may include improving intestinal health and digestion, breaking down fats, antibacterial qualities, detoxification and antioxidant potential.

    One of its greatest characteristics is the ability to work as a vessel for other substances as seen in the relation with curcumin in turmeric.

  • Vinh Linh Pepper is a hidden gem in one of the world's largest pepper producing countries. In a market where farmers are always looking for bigger peppercorns and higher yields on their harvest, this pepper stands out. The corns are smaller, the taste intense and the heat explosive. The amount of piperine, what gives peppers its medicinal potency and heat, is very high. 
The small district of Vinh Linh located in Quang Tri, central Vietnam, is an amazing place. It feels like one of the most fertile places on earth. Meter after meter of red, muddy, sandy soil with an ever changing climate really affects all the produce that is grown here. We’ve been there when it is 12 degrees, rainy, misty, windy and really harsh as well as 40 degrees of intense sunshine. 

    The cultivation of Vinh Linh Pepper goes back over 300 years because of its popularity amongst the royal families of the Nguyễn dynasty, ruling much of southern Vietnam during the 17th to 19th century. The pepper also features in many dishes from the distinct Hue cuisine were the spice is frequently used unlike many other areas of Vietnam.

    Lien our partner showed us the pepper industry. How it works, how vulnerable it is, what potential it has. She showed us the different methods of processing pepper, the difference in quality, the importance of sourcing. Lien introduced us to the world of black pepper, to Vinh Linh and to our farmer Nguyen, who's pepper farm we source from. Mr. Nguyens pepper garden is 10 years old and considered one of the best in the district. During the harvest of our first year of collaboration his daughter gave birth to his first grandchild. A very good sign indeed!

    Together we are experimenting with different maturities of this pepper and are looking forward to further product development.