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Yidu Red

89 kr
Yidu Red

Yidu Red

89 kr
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  • Name: Yidu Chili. Yidu Red
    Origin: Shandong, China
    Partner: Pu Yuan Qiong
    Harvest: Aug - Oct
    Character:Mild, fruity, smokey, umami flavor with notes of dried tomato.
    Size: 89g
    Pair with: Lamb, Sichuanpepper, bell pepper, sun dried tomatoes, eggplant, shrimp, gulasch, rice.

    Yidu Chili is a traditional variety from the Shangdong province of the eastern coast of China. It is from Yidu county, now know as Qingzhou City. The region has 4 distinct seasons and is harvested as the mountainous region enters autumn after a hot and rainy summer. It is a large, deep purple chili with mild and smokey characteristics. Nice to use as a spicier paprika powder and add to chili oil to give a nice red color to the condiment.

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  • This chili came as a surprise to us and we have used it a lot. It has a mild, fruity, fresh taste that is amazing. You can use quite a lot of it especially if you deseed the chili before using it. Roasting it really brings out more smokey and umami flavors.

  • All chili is native to Central and South America as is believed to have arrived to the southern parts of China in the 16th century through Portuguese merchants. The seasonal hot, cold, wet and dry weather of Sichuan, Yunnan and Guizhou was perfect climate for this plant and since then many uniquely, distinct local varieties have been cultivated, in turn spreading new cultivars across the globe as Chinese immigrants brought seeds with them as they relocated to other parts of the world.