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Mexican Chili Powder

Name: Mexican Chili Powder
Origin: Mexico
Ingredients: Fully Matured Dried Poblano chili, Guajillo chili, Ancho chili, Pasilla chili, Arbol chili, Piquin chili, Sea Salt
Character: Earthy, complex, sweet with tones of raisin with a medium heat
Pair with: Tomato, Cumin, cacao, oregano, allspice, black pepper, anise, coriander, sesame, tamarind, vanilla, koriander, tacos, tortillas, chili stews, marinades, yoghurt based sauces, corncobs, manchego, shrimp, beef.   

This blend is a mix of 6 different chilis from Mexico. Most are from our partner farm in Xacatecas from Omar. It is a mild and sweet blend perfect for taco evenings or slow cooking big chunks of beef. It leans heavy on the 3 of the more sweet and darker chilis from Mexico - Fully Matured Poblano, Pasilla and Ancho - giving it fruity tones of raisin and chocolate. Red chilis Guajillo and Arbol gives it a toasty, nutty taste with most of the heat coming from the little beauty Piquin.

We roast the chilis right before mixing to bring out the flavors.

Use in your fajitas, marinades, molles, salsas, chili stews, bean stews, meatballs and tacos. 

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