Hongya Green Sichuan Pepper
Hongya Green Sichuan Pepper
Hongya Green Sichuan Pepper
Hongya Green Sichuan Pepper
Hongya Green Sichuan Pepper
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Honeydew Melon
Green Sichuan Pepper
Hongya County
June 2022
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Hongya Green Sichuan Pepper

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Grown on the banks of the Jialing River this green Sichuan pepper with a lot of swagger. Crazy aromatic it packs a herbal punch unlike any green Sichuan pepper we have tried before. We can understand that it comes from Hongya that is know for its culinary traditions, particularly its loaded and flavorful hot pot. 

When we visited Hongya on our trip to Sichuan we ate some of the best food we have ever had. We will never forget those feats and are happy to be able to share this beautiful product with you all.

We would use it when you want your green Sichuan pepper to have the center stage in broths, acidic hot pots and stir fried vegetables.

Green Sichuan pepper, also known as Hua Jiao in Chinese, is a type of spice commonly used in Chinese cuisine, particularly in the Sichuan province. It is derived from the fruit of the prickly ash tree, just like the Hongya Sichuan pepper, but it is harvested earlier in the growing season when the fruit is still green and immature.

Green Sichuan pepper has a milder flavor compared to the red variety, with a slightly lemony and tangy taste. It is often used in dishes that require a more subtle flavor, such as fish and seafood dishes, and it is also used in spice blends such as five-spice powder.

Green Sichuan pepper is an essential ingredient in Sichuan cuisine, prized for its unique flavor and health benefits. It is often used in combination with other spices such as chili peppers and garlic to create the distinctive flavor of Sichuan cuisine.

Located in the Southeastern part of Sichuan, Hongya county is situated on the banks of the Jialing River and is known for its rich cultural heritage and scenic beauty.

Hongya is also known for its culinary traditions, particularly its hot pot. The district is home to many hot pot restaurants, which are popular with locals and visitors alike.

Hongya hot pot is characterized by its spicy broth and fresh ingredients, including seafood, meat, and vegetables.

Green Sichuan pepper is a versatile spice that can be used in a variety of dishes to add a unique flavor and aroma. Here are some tips for cooking with Green Sichuan pepper:

1. Use it in stir-fries: Green Sichuan pepper is perfect for adding flavor to stir-fries. Simply add a few crushed Green Sichuan pepper corns to your stir-fry and cook for a minute or two to release their flavor.
2. Season seafood and fish: Green Sichuan pepper works well with seafood and fish dishes. Use it to season grilled fish, steamed prawns or stir-fried scallops.
3. Add to soups and broths: Green Sichuan pepper is also a great addition to soups and broths, such as hot and sour soup or seafood chowder. It can help to balance the richness of the broth and add a tangy and slightly lemony flavor.
4. Use in marinades: Green Sichuan pepper can be added to marinades to give meat or poultry a tangy and slightly spicy flavor. Simply crush the Green Sichuan pepper corns and mix them with soy sauce, garlic, and ginger, and then marinate the meat or poultry for a few hours.
5. Use it in spice blends: Green Sichuan pepper is a common ingredient in Chinese spice blends such as five-spice powder. You can make your own spice blend by mixing Green Sichuan pepper with other spices such as cinnamon, fennel seeds, and cloves.

Green Sichuan pepper is a delicious spice that can add a unique flavor to a wide range of dishes. Be creative and experiment with different ways to use it in your cooking to discover your favorite dishes with this special spice.

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